Product Liability Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Supporting you when you are injured by a defective product

Designers, manufacturers and distributors of consumer products are responsible for ensuring that the items they offer are safe and functional. When a product is defective or harmful to its users, those injured as a result have grounds to initiate a products liability lawsuit.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a consumer product, the product liability attorneys in Phoenix, AZ of David R. Farney, PLC can help you hold the liable party or parties accountable for their negligence. In order to obtain the maximum compensation possible in your claim, Mr. Farney — who has been practicing personal injury law since 1980 — and his team help you develop a truthful, compelling depiction of the ways in which the defective product injured you.

What makes a product defective?

To achieve success in your products liability case, you and your attorney must demonstrate that your injury was caused by a defective item or the use of a defective item. There are three ways a product might be deemed defective:

  • Manufacturing errors include products that, despite adequate design, are improperly produced or constructed, or made with harmful or cheap materials. One example would be defective tires due to their manufacture with substandard components or inferior processes making them prone to tread separation despite being new. When manufacturing errors cause injury, the victim has clear grounds for a claim and should consult with a Phoenix, AZ product liability law firm.
  • Bad design includes products that, despite proper manufacturing, are designed so carelessly or ineffectively that they are inherently dangerous. Sport utility vehicles with a high incidence of roll-overs would fit in this category.
  • Absence of instruction or warning includes products that, while inherently dangerous, serve a specific and necessary purpose, yet require directions to operate safely or warnings of hazards. When these products lack proper packaging or labeling, they are considered defective.

There is no substitute for experience. David R. Farney is a products liability lawyer who can make the difference in your case.

When you’re injured by a consumer product, it may be difficult to determine where the defect occurred. Our product liability law firm in Phoenix, AZ investigates until we discover exactly why the product harmed you.

With more than 30 years helping injured people recover, David R. Farney knows how to help obtain the compensation you deserve. For more information and a free consultation, call the firm at 623-376-6177. You owe nothing unless we win your case.