Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

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Experienced Phoenix, AZ spinal cord injuries lawyers like David R. Farney understand the seriousness of back, spine and spinal cord injuries (SCI). Those who suffer significant damage to their spines face a wide array of effects — ranging from chronic pain to loss of feeling and function or even to full paralysis — and must deal with varying levels of disability.

Sadly, as with traumatic brain injury, many spine and spinal cord injuries result from negligence, accidents that could have been prevented or intentional harm. The National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA) reports the following statistics:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — factor in 42 percent of SCI
  • Slips, trips and falls — factor in 27 percent of SCI
  • Acts of violence — factor in 15 percent of SCI
  • Sports accidents — factor in 7.5 percent of SCI

Providing invaluable support

Knowledgeable spinal cord injuries attorneys in Phoenix, AZ such as David R. Farney are well aware of the severe medical and financial hardships caused by paraplegia and quadriplegia, and understand how important it is to consult medical experts when determining a client’s long-term needs. This often includes regular doctor visits, medications, medical equipment and modifications to their homes and vehicles.

Detailed case evaluations, during which we also consult rehabilitation experts, neuropsychologists and occupational therapists, enable a complete assessment of injuries, and thus, a realistic estimate of financial requirements. Only then can we truly maximize recovery.

The Phoenix, AZ spinal cord injuries law firm of David R. Farney, PLC is committed to helping clients attain suitable compensation that covers the following:

  • Loss of previous income
  • Loss of potential future income
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Current and future medical costs
  • Pain, suffering and emotional trauma

There is no substitute for experience. Choose spinal cord injuries lawyers in Phoenix, AZ who make a difference.

When negligence leaves you or a loved one injured or disabled and facing considerable costs, only a qualified personal injury attorney can obtain the full compensation you deserve and require. After more than 30 years helping injured people recover, David R. Farney can successfully handle even the most complicated cases. For more information and a free consultation, call the firm at 623-376-6177. You owe nothing unless we win your case.