Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

For victims of serious bike crashes resulting from negligence

For those injured while riding a motorcycle, a Phoenix, AZ motorcycle accidents attorney who understands both the laws and the insurance industry is essential to obtaining appropriate compensation. At David R. Farney, PLC, we understand the issues that motorcyclists often face — such as car and truck drivers failing to look for or notice motorcycles — and believe that bikers deserve respect and consideration on the road.

When negligence is the cause, injured motorcyclists have the same right to compensation as other motorists. While it is highly recommended that all motorcyclists wear helmets, even those unjustly injured while riding without helmets are still entitled to file a claim for injury coverage.

Causes of motorcycle accidents

Most motorcycle collisions involve a motorcyclist colliding with another vehicle. Factors that can play a role in any auto accidents  — including driver fatigue, distraction or inclement weather — may put motorcyclists at added risk. Additionally, the following negligence-related factors put motorcycles at highly elevated danger:

  • Poor visibility, particularly when other motorists disregard their mirrors or blind spots
  • Excessive speeding by motorcyclists or other drivers, which limits the time available to avoid an accident and increases the force of the impact when vehicles collide
  • Lack of road maintenance, which can affect motorcyclists much more severely than other motorists — with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reporting that road debris, fluid spills, uneven pavement and other fixed objects play a role in 26 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents annually

As one of the top motorcycle accidents law firms in Phoenix, AZ, David R. Farney, PLC understands how to identify the cause of your motorcycle crash. When negligence is to blame, we make sure the person or party responsible is held accountable.

There is no substitute for experience. Choose a qualified motorcycle accidents attorney in Phoenix, AZ.

After more than 30 years helping injured people recover, David R. Farney can handle any type of injury case. If you suffered injury or lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, our Phoenix injury law firm can help you seek compensation. For more information and a free consultation, call the firm at 623-376-6177. You owe nothing unless we win your case.